veToken Profits

Profit sources

veToken Profits come from the protocol fees that are derived from:
    10% Profits from veAsset project LP staker.
    5% profits from platform fees.
    1.5 % profits from compound smart contract interacting fees.
LP staker: Liquidity pool token staker or farmer. For example, we take 10% profits from the users who stake FEI/TRIBE uniswap pool token on PICKLE finance platform.
veToken will never take profits from those who stake the veAsset Token, as the whole purpose of the project is to encourage users to lock veAsset Token in long term.

Profits distribution

    50% profits distribute to VETOKEN Holders
    30% profits to buy back VETOKEN from market as voting escrow tokenomics adoption fund
    20% profits to market buy voting escrow project token and convert to veAsset [To Support Voting Escrow Adoption]
Last modified 1mo ago