veAsset Projects - Projects Token use voting escrow token economics. Project has a token (we call this "Asset"). Users can lock up their Asset for a period and they receive "veAsset" (the longer the lock, the more veAsset is received )[1]

Gauges - Gauge weighting is the {total amount of veAsset voting for the gauge} / {total amount of veAsset }. The rewarded Asset per Vault is calculated based on "Gauge weighting", which displays the current gauge weighting as well as the pending gauge weighting, and shows current reward ratio and pending reward ratio per vault [1]

VE3D- Governance token that issued by veToken Finance

veAsset - Token that adopted veModel ( Pickle, Angle, CRV, etc)

ve3Token - - Tokenmized veAsset token created by veToken finance

ve3CRV - Tokenmized veCRV token created by veToken finance

ve3DILL - Tokenized Dill created by veToken Finance


[1] reference: https://github.com/antonnell/veToken-voting

[2] Gemini: https://www.gemini.com/cryptopedia/decentralized-autonomous-organization-dao#section-da-os-a-solution-to-the-principal-agent-dilemma

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