Tokenomics (tentative)


What is $VE3D?

VE3D (Delegated ve(3,3)) is the governance token for the veToken Platform; it captures the fee revenue that is generated by the system, and incentivizes early depositor and ve model token economics adopters.

What is $xVE3D?

when users stake their $VE3D, they receive $xVE3D in return.
Beneifts of holding $xVE3D (Delegated ve(3,3))
  • Receive integrated ve model protocol revenue
  • Voting power to changes gauge weights
  • Claim integrated ve model protocol airdrops
  • Bribes or collateral in other protocols
  • Participate veToken governance

$VE3D Allocation (tentative)


  • Max Supply: 100 million
  • 30% ve-model projects LP rewards
  • 30% Bond allocation
    For bootstrap Protocol owned liquidity for ve3Asset - Asset SLP (eg: ve3CRV - CRV LP). Distributed over 4 years.
  • 6% Airdrop
    To veCRV holders (4%,4years), Dill (1%, 10 weeks), and veHND (0.7%,1 year) holders. The remaining will be reserved for future ve model project
  • 9% Treasury
    Vested over 1.5 year. These tokens will be used to fund grants, hackathons, events, and other community-focused efforts
  • 15% Team and advisors
    Vested over 1.5 year
  • 10% Investors
    Vested over 1.5 year

ve3Asset (ve3Dill, ve3HND, ve3CRV ...)

  • Tokenized Voting Escow Token: once deposited to veToken Finance, minted 1:1 for each Token locked in the platform.

ve3DILL - Tokenized DILL (vePICKLE)

  • Users deposit PICKLE to veToken Platform and convert to ve3DILL with 1:1 ratio (PICKLE- ve3DILL)

ve3HND - Tokenized veHND

  • Users deposit HND to veToken Platform and convert to ve3HND with 1:1 ratio

ve3CRV - Tokenized veCRV

  • Users deposit CRV to veToken Platform and convert to ve3CRV with 1:1 ratio (CRV - ve3CRV)
More vetAsset to come
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